Revamping the GNSS Frequency Spectrum Reference Sheet

In 2015, we created a GNSS signals overview document and we called it the GNSS Spectrum Cheat Sheet. It was meant to offer a quick, general view of all GNSS signals aligned on their respective bands, and it proved to be a reference we would use a lot in the Skydel offices and around the lab.

After a bit more than 2 years, the sheet was due for an update. First, the GNSS landscape is evolving with new and growing satellites constellations, and the document was missing a few signals. We also gathered internal and external comments about the sheet, and we had some things noted that we would have liked to see in a new version. We went back to the drawing board, we did some research, improved what was working on the previous version and removed what was not.

And, as we were going, we worked on making something that would look good and that we’d like to print, hand out and share.

So here’s the new and improved GNSS Spectrum cheat sheet! It features all GNSS signals, color-coded and aligned on their central frequencies, and most importantly, every signal is depicted on the same scale, making everything nicely proportional.

The whole sheet uses vector graphics, meaning it can be resized without losing integrity. Since the GNSS spectrum is getting pretty crowded, it’s better to print the sheet on tabloid (11” x 17”) paper format. It can then be folded into letter format.

We even printed it as a poster in our office!

Download the new sheet

You will find a high-quality downloadable PDF version in the resources section of our site. If you have any comment, or spot an error, please let us know! We hope you will enjoy and use it as much as we do.