Freshly Added to Resources: Application Notes

Today we’re publishing the first of a series of new practical documents designed to assist users in performing specific GNSS simulation set-ups with SDX: application notes. The first application note has to do with creating repeatable testing for TTFF (aka Time To First Fix). It’s available now in the Resource section of the Skydel web site.

Time To First Fix (TTFF) is the amount of time required for a GNSS receiver to output a navigation solution after it has been turned on. Testing TTFF is important for understanding and monitoring how a unit reacts to being turned on and off in a variety of possible field scenarios. Our GNSS experts have created a test automation routine using SDX’s API. Featuring complete Python code examples, this application note should be a handy starting point for anyone needing to set up or execute repeatable TTFF testing.
The first application note on TTFF testing with SDX

Other application notes—many including basic GNSS tests—will be added in the coming weeks, with subjects ranging from spoofing to GNSS simulation synchronization.

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