Automation in Video: The automate panel and the SDX API

Engineers and scientists that use a GNSS simulator know that automating tests and simulation scenarios are an essential part of their work. Alas, it is often complicated to create GNSS automation scripts: it usually requires advanced programming skills, APIs are often badly documented, and the whole process usually lacks any kind of meaningful feedback while setting up scripts.

When we developed SDX, we decided to tackle these problems by building automation right into the core of the software. The result is an easy-to-use, yet very powerful automation toolset. It addresses new users’ needs while providing intermediate and advanced users with all the tools they need to push GNSS simulation to the next level.

In order to better showcase the range of automation features, we’ve created two videos.

Automation Quick Overview: The Automate Panel

SDX’s innovative approach to GNSS simulation automation is embodied by the Automate panel. This screen is very simple, yet it can do a lot of things.
The Automate Panel automatically records user activity and creates reusable & editable command scripts or API code. (Click to enlarge)

  • The Automate panel records everything that happens in the SDX UI. These commands can then be edited, saved, and played back as a sequence, much like a macro.
  • It is tightly integrated with the SDX API since it also records commands issued through the API (more on the API below). This drastically simplifies the learning process for new users. For example, one handy feature enables users to export a command list into a python script. For new API users, this script can help them to get a head start on learning the API.
  • It provides intermediate and advanced users with a powerful toolset to explore and use the API:
    • The Automate panel provides immediate feedback on commands issued through the API. Users can easily see that commands have been received and processed successfully.
    • It also provides contextual documentation in both JSON and text formats.

Watch the short 2-min video below to see it in action:



SDX has a modern, powerful and intuitive API. SDX comes bundled with open source client libraries for Python, C# and C++. It features over 220 commands and is very well documented. The API constantly improves with the SDX software itself; as new features are added to SDX, the API grows, synced with the evolution of the software.

To give you an idea of the capabilities of the API, we’ve setup this video demonstration which uses the Python interactive shell. Programming skills are not needed to understand the capabilities of the API; advanced users that know how to code will appreciate the ease of use and the depth of the API commands available to them to create automated test and GNSS simulation routines.

Here’s the API demonstration (4-mins video):