SDX release 16.7: Now Simulating the Galileo Constellation

Galileo is the global navigation satellite system created by the European Union. The constellation already has a few operational satellites and should be completed by 2020. At the present time, using a Galileo GNSS simulator such as Skydel SDX is the only way to test receivers with a full constellation.

Added Signals for Galileo
With release 16.7, SDX users now have the possibility to simulate satellites broadcasting the Galileo E1 signal.

Galileo Signal Selection

More than ever, the GPU-driven power of SDX shines by enabling real-time simulation scenarios with multiple signals & multiple constellations. We think that in this case, saying “sky’s the limit” is pretty appropriate!

Multi-Constellations Sky View

Improved user interface
In this release, we’ve also made many improvements to facilitate the information display. The main menu’s constellations visibility toggle has been upgraded, and various enhancements were made to the Sky View. Overall, the new constellation color scheme & iconography improve consistency, clarity, satellite readouts, and ease of navigation while using one or multiple constellations signals.

Improvements to Sky View UI