Announcing Partnership with Talen-X

Skydel is thrilled to join forces with Talen-X to offer GNSS simulation tailored for military applications.

The capable team at Talen-X has many years of experience in Navigation Warfare (NAVWAR). With this expertise, they’ve created BroadSim, the perfect hardware platform for demanding SDX scenarios.

Talen-X BroadSim - Powered by Skydel SDX

Talen-X took advantage of the flexibility and of a powerful characteristic of our software-defined simulator: SDX is designed to let advanced users modify the navigation message and codes in real-time. This is something that is unthinkable with conventional simulators based on FPGA technology. Talen-X used SDX’s custom signal design feature to add military codes support to BroadSim.

BroadSim brings the best of both world for any critical application: a solid, performing hardware platform running the best software-defined GNSS simulator. BroadSim has 4 RF outputs and supports high dynamics, jamming, spoofing, and military codes. For the most complex scenarios, you can even synchronize multiple simulators.

To learn more about Broadsim, visit the Talen-X website.