Skydel GNSS Simulator 15.9 helps you find vulnerabilities in your receiver

In the latest release of our GNSS Simulator, we introduced two exciting features that will help users detect vulnerabilities in their receivers.

Skydel GNSS Simulator 15.9 new features

Navigation message modification and/or corruption
The user now have full control over the Navigation Message transmitted by each satellite. The GUI lets the user schedule modifications to any part of the message by changing any bit; even the parity bits can be modified to momentarily corrupt the message.

Interference injection in the simulated GNSS signal
In order to verify the receiver’s tolerance to jammers, the user can now easily combine different types of jammers to the transmitted GNSS Signal. As for the message modification, interferences can be scheduled. Also, the interferences can be modified while the simulation is running.

Facilitated python script generation
With just a click, the user can now generate a python script repeating all the commands executed in the GUI. The created Python script contains all the commands executed since the beginning of the current test-case scenario.

Skydel is committed to add constellations and signals on a regular basis. In this release Skydel added GPS L2P and GLONASS G1.

See this short video that demonstrates the new features.